Rules & Regulations

As of October 5, 2021

  1. Fresh cut flowers are permitted in approved vases at all times. Approved vases are those vases which are: 1) a permanent part of the monument; or 2) permanently embedded in the ground, at ground level, immediately in front of the monument; or 3) wire and/or plastic saddles. NO ITEMS MAY BE PLACED ON OR IN THE GROUND DURING THE MOWING SEASON, MARCH 1 THROUGH NOVEMBER 15.
  2. Floral arrangements (artificial or fresh cut) placed on graves at Christmas must be removed by February 15, or at the Cemetery’s sole discretion. Artificial flowers or decorations which have become unsuitable for further use will be disposed of the Cemetery’s sole discretion.
  3. Items not allowed to be placed on or around a grave include, but are not limited to, the following: glass and/or breakable items, shepherd’s hooks, curbing, decorative rocks, benches, fencing, borders or enclosures of any nature whatsoever. These items may be removed at the sole discretion of the Cemetery.
  4. No glass, wire, or any other dangerous objects are allowed to secure floral arrangements, artificial or fresh-cut.
  5. Containers of fresh-cut flowers will be removed after one (1) week. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all funeral flowers five (5) days after the interment, or as they become unsightly.
  1. The Cemetery Board shall approve all excavations and installation of foundations and monuments, including but not limited to their size, design, and inscriptions, prior to installation at any lot. The Board may require the removal of any monuments installed without such approval at the expense of the parties installing the monument.
  2. All trash is to be disposed of in the trash cans on the premises. Littering the Cemetery grounds will not be tolerated, and persons caught doing so will be prosecuted.
  3. The Cemetery has the authority to enter upon any lot and to remove any objectionable item that may have been placed there.
  4. The Cemetery is open only during daylight hours. Any person entering the grounds any time other than during daylight hours will be considered trespassing, and will be prosecuted.
  5. All care of lots, maintenance, improvements of any kind, planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, etc. shall be made only by the Cemetery. The planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, etc. by individuals will not be permitted. All trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, grass, etc. shall be trimmed, pruned, and/or removed only by the Cemetery in its sole discretion as necessary to facilitate future interments, and to maintain a neat and orderly appearance.
  1. The Cemetery requires that all interments, except cremations, utilize sealed vaults.
    Cremation remains without a container must be interred under the ground. Cremation containers must be interred by a professional approved by the Woodland Company to a depth of no less than 18 inches above the top of the container.
  2. Any pets brought into the Cemetery must be restrained on a leash and are the responsibility of the owners.
  3. Any person or persons found destroying Cemetery property, defacing monuments, stealing, or causing any other damage or loss to the Cemetery property, or to the section owners, shall be prosecuted.
  4. Due to the necessity of continuous maintenance and other cemetery operations, incidental damage may occur to the borders and edges of monuments and memorials. The Cemetery is not responsible or liable for any and all injuries or damages that may occur to any monuments, vases, flowers, baskets, benches, or other items of property of any nature whatsoever located within the Cemetery.
  5. The Cemetery reserves the right to amend or modify these Rules and Regulations at any time, without notice.

Contact Person: Susan Tucker, 804-798-7123

Revised and approved October 5, 2021.